Roberto Cabrelli


" Do not judge me by my successes, judge me by how many times I fell down and got back up again " N. Mandela

Ricopre il ruolo di Senior Manager e attualmente segue principalmente progetti di Employee Empowerment: dai Digital Workplace, alle community, all’idea management; anche se ha sviluppato interesse e competenze su tutte le tematiche legate alla digitalizzazione e alla socializzazione delle aziende.
Laureato in Ingegneria Gestionale, Roberto ha conseguito un master in PNL per migliorare le proprie competenze “soft” quali leadership, team building e capacità di engagement del personale.
In oltre dieci anni di esperienza, Roberto ha ricoperto il ruolo di Project Leader in progetti di consulenza su tematiche di strategia, organizzazione e social business per aziende leader. Ha tante passioni nella vita e soprattutto vive e lavora con passione.



Benefits and challenges of social bpm

Benefiting from social business process management (Social BPM) is one of the most relevant challenge organizations and businesses experience in their social business transformation journey. To a large extent, social BPM is the practice and process of actively involving all relevant stakeholders (employees and partners as well as customers and prospects) into a business process management endeavor through the use of social software and its partecipatory cultures.

BLOG / 31 marzo 2014

Adoption of enterprise collaboration

An increasing number of organizations and businesses have recently started to introduce enterprise collaboration  systems in their internal communication and interaction processes. Yet, very often in our experience at OpenKnowledge, these companies use an approach that could be described (as a recent paper does) “as experiential, or laissez-faire,  meaning that they installed the system and invited their staff to use it” – without a clear cultural change management, without a co-design approach and without an engaging communication plan-just to name a few issues.

BLOG / 4 ottobre 2013