Visual social network analytics in enterprise


25 novembre 2013


At OpenKnowledge we strongly support the idea and the practice of network visualization and the related social dynamic dashboard in order to leverage the enterprise collective intelligence. The capacity to visualize the informal and networked workforce is vital to map the efficiency of communications, the real dynamics of interactions, the knowledge creation and exchange, the internal path and design to collaborative innovation. We could call the result as a “visual organization”. As the scope of the network analysis and visualization, it’s interesting to mine social enterprise data and extract business information and insights about expertise location, team building and team coordination. A relevant perspective is to analyze and visualize large dataset from a social enterprise linking a common document-centric mining to a people-centric social investigation. A new longitudinal and massive research document a visual analytics system that can help organizations and employees to discover and leverage relationships in the enterprise. As the authors point out: “ by building an end-to-end system that can ming, aggregate and assemble a social graph from documents, it is possible to support tasks including expertise location, team building and personal reflection. These tasks are typically poorly supported by traditional information discovery interfaces. By integrating social position, evidence and facets into a visual analytics interface, users can leverage existing social media behavior to assist them in their relationship discovery tasks”. As the authors underline: “ building a useful tool is not always enough, but instead effectively integrating it into user’s ecosystem of tools is also critical for continued adoption” (Adam Perer, Ido Guy, Erel Uziel, Inban Ronen, Michal Jacovi, “The Longitudinal Use of SaNDVIs: Visual Social Network Analysis in the Enterprise, IBM Research, 2013).

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