Social media for work in insurance industry

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12 marzo 2015


In the insurance and banking industry, social media and collaborative platforms are drastically altering the personal and business communication behaviors of insurance employees, agents, brokers and advisors. While supporting and consulting leading insurance companies and banks, Openknowledge experiences that the use of social technologies are becoming widespread for different purposes such as increasing awareness, visibility through developing intimate customer relationships, building and cultivating trust, fostering idea innovation or informal learning. As OpenKnowledge, we face with critical issues and put effort to nurture the cultural change in businesses and organizations in their transformation journey towards a concrete adoption of social business with our projects (e.g. implementing digital and social workspaces, corporate learning platforms, collaborative intranet and idea innovation solutions in banking and insurance industry). In this perspective, a new study offers some highlights in a specific field: the use of social media for work in the insurance industry. Based on responses from employees in the insurance industry (Greek market), the study examines how utilitarian and hedonic values influence social media usage for work and how the use of social media positively influence employees’ performance. As the authors suggest: “In this study, we investigate whether employees make use of social media for work purposes, what values increase this usage, and if that usage is related with their performance. Responses from 1799 employees in the insurance industry were used to examine the impact of social media on work. Results confirmed that in the case of social media for work, employees make extended use of them no matter their age. We found also that both utilitarian and hedonic values influence employees to use more social media for their work, at least in the insurance sector. Last but not least, this study confirms that there is an important relation between the use of social media and the work performance.” (Leftheriotis and Giannakos, 2014, “Using social media for work: Losing your time or improving your work?”, Computers in Human Behavior, Volume 31, February 2014, Pages 134–142)

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