Managing innovation via enterprise social media


28 ottobre 2013


Can enterprise social media platforms help to gradually (yet positively) transform business processes for encouraging, sharing, collaborating on and funding innovation ideas within the organizations? This is the main question asked by a recent study published by the “Journal of Social Media for Organizations” (2013). In fact, social and collaborative platforms are used not only for marketing and customer support, but also for the innovation idea management. Increasingly, organizations and businesses have been exploring and exploiting the use of social and collaborative platforms to involve employees and human resources broadly in large-scale brainstorming events, ideas contests and innovation research processes. The socially-enabled platforms designed to support enterprises and companies achieve these social business goals are variously called large scale deliberation systems, idea management systems, or innovation management systems. The authors, Mary Lou Tierney and Jill Drury, outlines some findings: ”Even if the social media is enforcing a process that is suboptimal, it still facilitates greater standardization. Beyond standardization, social media platforms facilitate transparency and both active and passive participation. In our case, prior to 2009 research proposals were either not available to be viewed by people outside of the RP leadership or were very difficult to find. If proposals were located, these uninvited readers did not feel empowered to call the proposers to offer suggestions or partnering opportunities. Idea Market made it clear that everyone was not only invited to read any proposals in any area (not just their own area of expertise), they were also invited to comment, engage in discussions, read others’ comments, and volunteer to collaborate. Even staff members who proposers did not know or would never think to ask for input voluntarily provided pointers to others’ research, opinions on the viability of research approaches, and encouragement to develop ideas further. One challenge this transparency raises, however, is the fact that the domain experts and leaders who are responsible for reviewing and growing ideas have an additional burden of sifting through the additional comments and participation of the community” (Mary Lou Tierney, Jill Drury, “Innovation Management via Enterprise Social Media”, in Journal of Social Media for Organizations, 2013, Volume I, Number 1).

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