“Enterprise social media” in a review


27 settembre 2013


We all know that social platforms are increasingly implemented in organizations and business as tools for communication, connection and interaction among employees. Now, a recent academic paper tell us about the histories, definitions and metaphors useful to understand and envision the history of the emergence and early adoption of social computing. Reviewing esperiences and approaches, the paper’s authors help us to “understanding of how they enable and constrain the communicative activities through which work is accomplished because it is these very dynamics that constitute and perpetuate organizations. We begin by offering a definition of enterprise social media and providing a rough historical account of the various avenues through which these technologies have entered and continue to enter the workplace. We also review areas of research covered by papers in this special issue and papers on enterprise social media published elsewhere to take stock of the current state of out knowledge and to propose directions for future research” (Leonardi et alii, Enterprise Social Media. Definition, History, and Prospects for the Study of Social Technologies in Organizations, 2013)

Here the link to the paper (pdf)

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