Employee Engagement: something you cannot forget

20 May 2015


Every brand knows the importance of its customers, because they are basically responsible for a company’s whole success. This is the reason why companies are mostly adopting a “customer centric” point of view, implementing customer services in order to get a higher level of customer satisfaction.
If it’s clear the importance of customers’ role in a company or brand life cycle, what about employees? While often overlooked as just “the people who work for the company”, employees are of the hugest marketing asset that a brand can have. They can behave as brand’s biggest advocates, but they are often an untapped territory.

“Employee Advocacy”: What does it mean?
Being an advocate means to support the activity of a brand or of a company through online tools, in order to generate buzz and conversations about them, becoming an influencer for other people, inside and outside his network. Talking about “employee advocacy”, it is a term used to describe the exposure that employees generate for brands using their own online assets. While social media is often the main medium for employee advocacy, these “online assets” include email, chat, forums, discussion boards and more.
One important step a company should take for achieving Employee Advocacy is make the employees happy and satisfied about what they do. Therefore, it’s important to involve them into the company daily activities and one way to do it it’s by rewarding them.
AT&T, one of the world’s leading telecommunication company, launched an Employee Advocacy Program called “Social Circle” in 2009, in which involved their social media savvy staff members to become active in the promotion of the company, using their own social network accounts. As a large percentage of the staff within the organization were already active on social media with circles of friends or followers, the potential for AT&T to reach thousands of people outside the company got huge, as well as personalizing the brand with the voice of employees, as opposed to corporate channels.

What’s next?
OpenKnowledge understood the importance of an employee engagement strategy for its clients, supporting them in transforming their employees into advocates. In doing so, one of the newest tools that can stimulate employee engagement thanks to their presence on social media is GaggleAMP platform. The latter is useful because helps employees in sharing contents about the company on their personal social media channels, generating conversations that can reach people outside the organization, amplifying the brand resonance.
In addition to that, GaggleAMP is based on a reward process: each post suggested by the company has a specific value in terms of points. An employee gets point whenever he or she shares contents, earning some special gift up for grabs.
So don’t forget your employees can be your best and long lasting clients.