"The curvy revolution"



Miroglio Group is an Italian industrial icon and market leader. With a 2012 consolidated sales revenue of Euro 883.2 million, the group is a leading multinational organization in the textiles/clothing sector. Established in 1947, it operates in Italy and the world in 34 countries with 49 business operations, 6 production sites and over 2,000 single-branded stores and an annual production of 18 million garments. The Group incorporates two fully-independent companies: Miroglio Fashion and Miroglio Textile. The Miroglio Textile company develops particularly sophisticated products mainly built around three lines of merchandize: fabrics, spun yarns, and transfer paper and technical film. Set up in 1955, Miroglio Fashion creates, produces and distributes the collections of 8 brands in the womenswear sector, and boasts a key presence in two market segments: fast fashion (brands: Motivi, Oltre, Fiorella Rubino) and prêt-à-porter (brands: Elena Mirò, Caractère, Diana Gallesi, Luisa Viola, Per Te by Krizia). Elena Mirò is one of the historic label of Miroglio Fashion which was set up in 1985. It is a stand-out brand in the “curvy” world, with over 25 years spent on know-how in style and perfect look for the shapely-sized. Distributed at the international level in more than 30 countries through single-branded boutiques, department stores and multi-branded outlets.



Since 2005, Elena Mirò has been the only plus-size women’s fashion brand to present at the Milano Moda Donna fashion week. For.me is the new project dedicated to the curvy evolution, with the aim of meeting the requirements of women that love to enhance their figures and appearances, but also feel comfortable wearing the latest fashions. A collection with a highly glamorous and seductive feel, characterised by snappy tailoring and perfect fits. Sizing in the collection ranges from a 42 to 52. For the new collection launch of For.me, Elena Mirò was interested in monitoring the customers sentiment and the feeling of customers, influencers and advocates in social media environments. The evaluation of customer impacts of the redesign and the new “philosophy” of the collection “For.me” (which focused on colours and decorations) was the main challenge and the aim of our monitoring, analytics and intelligence solution.



In order to analyze and map the customer impacts of the brand-new collection “For.me”, OpenKnowledge launched a sofisticated social media monitoring, analytics and intelligence project. The project was composed of a mix of research and intelligence methodologies: a) a quantitative listening strategy focused on collecting customers conversations in social media (blog, microblogging, visual social media); b) an ethnographic observational analysis of fashion communities and brand pages to gather customer values and attitudes (social network and communities); c) a fashion bloggers research focused on mapping the key influencers in the fashion and curvy world; d) a qualitative semantic investigation of worlds, texts and semantic universe of conversations and the relations among them. The project started collecting and categorizing the customer conversations in the social media universe using listening platforms. In order to analyze the feeling and the impact a group of analysts (both in a quantitative and qualitative perspective) monitored mentions, contexts and values related to the new collection concepts. An articulated mapping analysis discovered and identified “fashion bloggers” and “curvy bloggers” estimating for each group of influencers the size and impact of the brand communications and events strategies.



The For.me social intelligence project has had several positive effects involving corporate communication and pr departments, marketing strategies and functions, commercial and sales strategies, product research and development. Business insights and recommendations to the management board concluded the research helping the brand to:

  • Measure and estimate the impact of buzz and opinion about the new collection (consumers sentiment)
  • Reveal the perception and feeling of customers (identifying the customer language and tone of voice)
  • Extract business insights in terms of new and potential product markets (new potential niches, new targets)
  • Explore the shopping experience of the targets in terms of store and shop journey (sales attitudes)
  • Map and identify the fashion communities and key influential bloggers (relevant to the curvy revolution)
  • Quantify the relation between online conversations and physical fashion events (e.g. Milano Fashion Week)