"MyOpen: a lot of people, so much instruments and applications, a huge amount of solutions and an open language for a Smart House"


The www.myopen-legrandgroup.com website, launched in 2006, is the official communication instruments through which BTicino wished to make public the language for the domotica Open Web Net , which allows inter-operability between systems or devices of different technologies, brands or manufacturers.

Over the years the community has had a steady increase in activity, having reached over 12000 registered users, amongst which system integrator and software development companies and installers.The previous system, being the result of an intense round of testing had reached its end. The maturation of the community and a new, strong commitment from management were the ideal conditions to revive the initiative and frame it within a broader strategy opening it up to the market. The project consists in the re-launching of the community in the re-defining of the internal processes, the management roles and roadmaps of technological evolution, along with a substantial update of the platform as far as security, modularity and flexibility are concerned.

The community is not simply a place where to gather for a dialogue between company and customer, but is rather a “moment” to establish a more evolved relationship where the client is always mediated by a community where different actors, professionals, enthusiasts and detractors, may influence the perception of each product or initiative.

Along with the porting of all the content from the forum, other specific areas were activated, such as:

  • About My Open: and introduction to the potential integration of the system
  • Resources: a specific area which collects all the components (files, sdk, manuals) to develop anything from single applications to complex home automation systems
  • Application Gallery: a section which presents the applications already developed or the systems designed by the users themselves
  • Professional Network: where the users may advertise their business activities

The possible directions of development of the community move towards a greater integration with:

  • Marketing: online community where relations are developed, inquiries made and interests shared with regard to the brand;
  • Sales: public and private areas where the company launches competitions, previews and special offers reserved for those interested in purchasing;
  • Support: a customer care form the bottom up where customers help each other with additional facilitation and support from the company and its employees;
  • Innovation: spaces for collaborative innovation in which to manage and share developments with other countries.

BTicino S.p.A. is an Italian company in the mechanical engineering sector which operates in the field of low voltage electrical equipment intended for living, working and production spaces, in separate solutions of energy distribution, communication (intercom, video, data) and the control of light, audio, climate and security. In 1989 it was acquired and forms part of the French industrial group Legrand.