Lago: INTRANET 2.0

"Feel comfortable in the new Intranet"

Lago is a relatively new company in the market of furniture whose edge in the market can be attributed to an unusual company culture, with creativity, freshness and the capacity to innovate investing constantly in the improvement of the production processes at the base of its culture. The company became an S.p.A in 2006 and has since obtained a place in the international market, growing by 50% each year including during the period of the economic crisis. Still in 2006 Lago decided to experiment by taking a new road, looking towards Web 2.0 so as to create a new path for the products and content, as well as to involve the employees, retailers and consumers in a conversation so as to improve the products, support sales and brand as well as an offer with a stronger identity and design. Under the guidance of the marketing manager Nicola Zago, the company started to relate to the web in a new way, first studying and then experimenting with the instruments such as blogs, photos, videos, wikis, online management of projects and software-as-a-service rendering of services.
With the help of OpenKnowledge, Lago made a leap forward, becoming a reality in which the same paradigma of the network were placed at the base of the mechanisms of production, sharing and use of knowledge.



In November 2008 the Intranet 2.0 was launched, whose benefits are reflected on three different levels:

  • organizational level: creating a unique place where all the employees, despite their role and where they find themselves in the world, can constantly work together, sharing ideas and solutions;
  • cultural level: increase the active participation of social tools to all within the company, management mainly, increasing sensitivity, ownership and confidence through new ways of interaction;
  • technological plan: gradually migrate all available solutions and content to a unique and flexible platform, which encourages participation and contributions from the bottom up



The integration of an Intranet based on Jive SBS (J2EE) technology.
The project started with a brainstorming session followed by a co-design phase and a pilot in which 30 employees took part , discussing a new working environment. The changes were mainly in terms of communication and knowledge management: The mail was suspended and all communication moved to open discussions visible by all in the management team; the partial results are no longer written on external files , but are inserted in wiki documents with the possibility to make shared changes, approval and validation processes, management of the versioning. Speed and Si sono coniugate velocità nello scambio informativo con i dettami più consolidati della gestione per la qualità.
The above has resulted in a more intense participation of the working group, foresee critical points, a greater speed in the decision making process, centering and sedimentation in information previously missing as well as more awareness of the impact activities have on the project as a whole.



  • faster turnaround by reducing by 70% total time to make decisions on development of the product;
  • a greater response to the signals sent by the market and within which are attributed to a reduction of 41% of the time required to engage people in meetings and brainstorming activities from which technical changes originate;
  • higher efficiency which can be attributed to a drastic decrease (over 90%) in the duration of operational meetings and alignment given that all participants are updated in real time thanks to the transparency provided by the new intranet;
  • more quality obtained improving by 40% the decisions made on the products given the large number of people, competencies, etc.

To these measurable benefits, we can add other less measurable benefits, which are no less important, which have allowed Lago to win the ICT Award for Enterprise 2.0 at the SMAU 2009 International fair.