"A sales community always on"


At the start of 2006 the management of BTicino – supported by Management of Organization and Development (DOS) – focused on some of the growing needs of the sales network, so as to:

  • harmonise the different software applications supporting operations;
  • integrate and be able to make orders from different information sources and provide training to support sales and after-sales activities;
  • emphasize the information mass (client feedback) generated daily by the net, capitalized within the organization both through management and others (including the personnel of the networks of other Regions);
  • give voice to the sales network activating a channel dialogue and encourage more structured and continuous feedback.


The project was structured as a module with a process divided in different phases, with subsequent phases based on the results of the previous phases. The logic on which the flow of activities is based are detailed below:

  • speed: limit as much as possible the “time to market” of the project, taking int account also gradual release solutions;
  • system governed: design a Community where the contribution of the participants is orientated towards themes established and moderated by a specific function (Editing);
  • population which varies in age and level of education: taking into account the heterogeneous conditions of the participants’ training and education;
  • ability to synthesize: construct an instrument which is able to make quick summaries of that which happens on the net on specific topics (gauges, barometers, etc.).

The project has adopted an integrated logic to project and develop software that is in line with the approaches of agile technology; an open source platform has been adept and installed within the information systems of BTicino and has been integrated within the group’s portal; the platform has been configured according to the services and content made evident by the project team. 


Within a week of launching about 95% of the Techno-Commercial Functionaries had registered on the system, and it’s systematically as one of the main instruments of work. In terms of functionality, one of the first cases in Italy of company blogs was launched in June 2007. The CEO and Sales director opened a dialogue within the Community on some strategic topics. The Community has, since then, become a vital reference point for the company.


BTicino SpA is a leader in the electrical equipment for civil, industrial and home automation sector. The company is headquartered in Varese and has a presence in over 60 countries worldwide; as from 1989 BTicino is part of the French multinational company Legrand, world leader in electric equipment for low voltage installation.

The Legrand group in Italy employs approximately 3,200 employees and had a turnover in 2006 of €900 million, showing growth of 10% from the prior year.