Rosario Sica

Co-Founder & Chairman

Rosario is a change expert who supports organizations and businesses to maximize their potential by becoming more social. He is co-founder & Chairman of OpenKnowledge. Rosario is also Chairman of the “Social Business Forum”, which became the leading European event for social enterprise, collaborative innovation and digital transformation. With a strong background in business and change management in international contexts, specialized in social business transformation processes, Rosario is a renowned expert in managing complex business projects. His clients include most of Italy’s leading companies as well as major European and multinational corporations, governments and universities. With a background as a cybernetic physicist and a Master’s Degree in Marketing and Social Communication, Rosario’s is also involved in research and teaches in a number of Universities on Social Business Transformation. He also has published books and articles in a wide range of both academic and industrial fields.
Rosario has lived and worked in several countries including Vietnam, the South Pacific islands, Fiji, Australia, New Zealand, Chile. He has travelled extensively worldwide, and is now based in Milan with his young family.



The Challenge of Digital Business Disruption

The transformative paradigms that we had prefigured in the Social Business Manifesto [OpenKnowledge annexed to HBR of June 2012] not only actually emerged and spread, but are currently experiencing an acceleration in many exponential and disruptive ways. Organizations and markets are living an unprecedented era of digital and organizational disruption, accelerated by the pressure of models and cultures of collaborative networks that we had glimpsed and anticipated (from the sharing economy to the internet of things, from the exponential organizations to the use of social big data). A "collaborative disruption" - as we have defined it (between people and people, between people and things, between things and things) - is now reshaping, in depth, how to co-create value, build organizations and relationships and, consequently, how we do business in the Twenty-First Century. We are facing a pace of acceleration - as we said - that needs to be addressed with new advanced operational and conceptual perspectives.

BLOG / 23 February 2016

OpenKnowledge entra nel gruppo Bip a presidio della Digital Transformation

L’accelerazione che la digital disruption sta portando all’interno delle organizzazioni e dei mercati è, oggi, di natura esponenziale. Si è di fronte a cambiamenti che richiedono di essere affrontati con il giusto grado di approfondimento a livello strategico e operativo. Per questi motivi OpenKnowledge è stata scelta da Bip – Business Integration Partners - come partner ideale per aumentare e consolidare le proprie competenze nell’ambito della social e digital transformation

BLOG / 31 July 2015

A Long Road A-Head

The idea behind this article is based on the deep desire to share an important and historical transition that involves OpenKnowledge. The new paradigms linked to transformation we prefigured when OpenKnowledge has been found, nowadays spread out showing an exponential and explosive acceleration.

BLOG / 20 May 2015