Marco Trugenberger

Senior Consultant

" La grandezza dell'uomo si misura in base a quel che cerca e all'insistenza con cui egli resta alla ricerca "

He is Senior IT System Architect in OpenKnowledge. Computer technician, all along involved in developing and application of new technologies, thanks to the luck or the destiny: in the 80s he worked on the implementation and the diffusion of new paradigms in software production field (CASE), co-working, beyond others, to a project for the innovation of system managing methods by FIAT. In the 90′ he was, with Agor√† Telematica, one of the the promoters of the upcoming internet era in Italy. At the beginning of 2000s he has worked for ten years on creating the first web applications and the first semantic search engine, then he joined OpenKnowledge at the end of this decade, engaged in the big adventure of Social Business. His passions go from science, to religion, to politics, music and philosophy: basically everything make human beings to improve himself and his existential conditions.trughemberger