Marco Minghetti

Associate Partner

" Occorre sostituire la stupidità diffusa nelle aziende gerarchiche e burocratiche con l'intelligenza collaborativa delle Social Organization "

Degree in Philosophy, Marco is professor of Humanistic Management at University of Pavia, journalist and blogger for Il Sole 24ore, essayist and writer. At OpenKnowledge he is Associate Partner and coordinates the activities concerning change management processes based on specific organizational assessment methodologies (Social Business Reengineering, Community Mapping) and the transformation of the traditional HR function in a social point of view (HR 2.0), described in his volume “Intelligenza collaborativa. Verso la social organization” EGEA 2103 (Cambridge Scholars, 2014).


Le aziende invisibili

Le aziende in visibili  romanzo a colori   Google Libri

“Your companies do not exist, Deckard. Just stop telling lies. I know that the Corporation is rotting, undermined by vanity…

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