Laura Torretta

Business Development Manager

" La comunicazione porta alla comunità, ovvero alla comprensione, all'intimità, al mutuo apprezzamento " Rollo May

Laura works for OpenKnowledge as account manager, responsible for client development, and as consultant for organizational change matters. She has a deep interest in business systems dynamics and sustainable growth. Laura is also fond of relations and communication, people and talent empowerment. She graduated in Economics, with a focus on Social Sciences and she attended a Master’s degree in Fundraising. In addition to that, Laura can rely on a diploma in Systemic- Relational Counseling and a certificate of quality and qualification in counseling services in the Job-Organizations field.
Laura gained more than 20 years experience working as a manager and sales manager for small-medium enterprises and multinational corporations. She has BTB and BTC skills linked to Consumer Goods and Information Communication Technology sectors. Leading new strategies developement and new business models growth, Laura promoted organizational change, focusing her attention on product, market and channel innovations, not forgetting to value people and relational exchanges inside the ecosystem.