Joseph Sassoon

Advisor, Content Expert

" God made man because He loves stories " Elie Wiesel

Advisor, Content Expert Researcher, consultant and conference speaker, Joseph is an advisor at OpenKnowledge, working especially on the intersection between storytelling and content strategies. As experienced educator, he also deals with e-learning topics. Besides, Joseph is partner at Alphabet Research and sits on the Advisory Board of the ‘Osservatorio Branded Entertainment’ (Rome). Previously, he was for a long time Professor of Communication Studies at the State University of Milan. He conducted extensive qualitative research on brand communication issues in the US, several European countries and Asia (Japan, China, Thailand). In the last few years Joseph has developed an original approach to brand storytelling in advertising, websites and social media. He is the author of five recently published books: “Marketing Narrativo” (with Andrea Fontana and Ramon Soranzo, FrancoAngeli 2011), “Web Storytelling” (FrancoAngeli 2012), “Storie Virali” (Lupetti 2012), “Branded Content” (with Paolo Bonsignore, FrancoAngeli 2014), “Giochi da prendere sul serio” (with Alberto Maestri and Pietro Polsinelli, FrancoAngeli 2015), all dealing with the best ways to share brand stories on the web.

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Applying gamification to corporate learning

Empowering the social employee is a key business driver for organizations and companies engaging and accelerating a smarter workforce. In the process of employee empowerment, it’s relevant to use learning technologies in line with a powerful gamification strategy. In fact, gamification has tremendous potential in the educational corporate space. In this perspective, Openknowledge usually supports businesses and brands to envision and develop gamified learning experiences toward employees, sales associates, internal communities.

BLOG / 24 February 2014