Francesca Di Cecio


" All our dreams can come true, if we have the courage to pursue them " Walt Disney

Working in OpenKnowledge as Consultant for the Customer Engagement Solution, Francesca is in charge of social media management, digital PR and content management activities linked to national and international projects, such as the Social Business Forum 2015.
After a study abroad experience in the US at St. Edward’s University (Austin), Francesca graduated in Business Communication, with a focus in marketing management, at the Università Cattolica of Milan with a Master thesis about Digital Marketing.
Francesca had an intership as a researcher in a digital marketing startup when se was still studying. After this experience, she worked as online marketing Junior Manager at Vodafone Italy.
Francesca is passionaed about ballet and modern dance since she was a child and she keeps studying these disciplines with love and dedication.

Di Cecio


Employee Engagement: something you cannot forget

Every brand knows the importance of its customers, because they are basically responsible for a company’s whole success. This is the reason why companies are mostly adopting a “customer centric” point of view, implementing customer services in order to get a higher level of customer satisfaction. If it’s clear the importance of customers’ role in a company or brand life cycle, what about employees? While often overlooked as just “the people who work for the company”, employees are of the hugest marketing asset that a brand can have. They can behave as brand’s biggest advocates, but they are often an untapped territory.

BLOG / 20 May 2015