Emanuele Scotti

Co-Founder & Chief Executive Officer

" Genius: ten percent ispiration, ninety percent perspiration "

Emanuele Scotti. Co-founder&CEO.

Graduated in Phylology with a Phd in Semiology and a Master’s degree in Online and Open Education, Emanuele is a Social Business Expert. He adopts collaborative and social approaches in leading main business processes linked to several fields such as Marketing, Organizational and HR, Innovation and Customer Care.
He started working as a consultant for Isvor Fiat in the Nineties and then he was active in an e-learning start up in 1997 where he experienced Internet birth and growth. In the Noughties, Emanuele deepened his knowledge about social networking and communities working.
Emanuele is co-author of “Community Management” (Apogeo 2010), “Social Business Manifesto” (HBR 2012), “Social Business Toolkit” (HBR 2013), “Social & Digital Transformation” (HBR 2014). He is married and has three children. He loves skiing, football and Panini sticker collection and he shares this passions with his family.


Social media for work in insurance industry

In the insurance and banking industry, social media and collaborative platforms are drastically altering the personal and business communication behaviors of insurance employees, agents, brokers and advisors.

BLOG / 12 March 2015